Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Well of course THIS happened

Funny story for a Wednesday, hold on to your biscuits....

No, really.  Hold on and don't ever let go.

Soooooo, remember when I was whining about losing my wallet at Coldstone last week and how could someone just take it and ohmigosh I have to replace everything blah blah blah?

Aaaaannnd, remember how I created this huge fiasco by not having the identification that was in said wallet for the closing on my house, sending me in every which direction to resolve said fiasco all while clutching a bathroom trash can turned puke bucket?

Weeeeelllllll, I found it on Friday.  Actually Corey found it stuffed way down deep in the cushion of our recliner.  I must have sat there while eating my ice cream, focused entirely on the Founder's Favorite (srsly, they don't call it the "favorite" for nothing) I didn't notice I even had my wallet, let alone that my hiney was slowly shoving it into the nether regions of our chair.


My first reaction upon finding it
Yay! Garage sale money is back!

My second reaction
Yay! Coffee club cards are back!

My third reaction
Dang, I already canceled my credit cards, and replaced my license.

My fourth reaction
Ooooo, I have two licenses now. I wonder if I can sell one....

My fifth reaction
Uh oh, I think I just added material to my FBI file.

My sixth reaction
Better call the Coldstone corporate office back and apologize for calling them "clowns."

Buuuuuutt by the end of the day after all that reacting I was hungry so I patronized Coldstone's competitor, Plum Dandy.  Twice.

The end.

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  1. This happened to me once - I thought I lost mine in the BNN parking lot, but it was in my couch at home. Only took me two days to find it, didn't get a new license but I did cancel my credit cards. That's the first place I look for everything now.